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Essential Cryptocurrency Apps

I usually get questions like: what apps do use for monitoring cryptocurrencies everything pertaining to them, even portfolios. So i decided to write this article for people interested in these apps. Ps this article was based on apps for android , some or alternatives might be available for Ios and other mobile operating systems

Without further-a-do, here are the Essential Cryptocurrency Apps

  • Blockfolio:
  • blockfolio helps manage all your crypto assets, giving you a real-time value of your holdings (it doesn’t store or trade your coins
  • Binance:
  • Binance is one of the most renowned cryptocurrency trading platforms, their app comes in handy for quick trades and sales (you must verify the app is from Binance, so you don’t get scammed)
  • Bitcointalk: a forum for bitcoin and cryptocurrency related issues
  • Coingapp:
  • Coingapp helps list bitcoin prices and arbitrage if you plan on making some quick box on arbitraging
  • Cointelegraph:
  • this is a blog for all crypto and blockchain related issues, I do check out cointelegraph myself too
  • CoinLib:
  • coinlib is an app that lists cryptocurrencies along with useful information about them, including trade volumes, prices, market capital, circulating supply
  • app:
  • for news on cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, forex..
  • CoinMarketCap:
  • similar to CoinLib but has fewer coins
  • Twitter:
  • the social media platform majorly used by crypto traders and media, bounties and giveaways too are popularly carries out on twitter
  • Telegram:
  • the private messaging app and group app mostly accepted in the crypto world