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Over the week I was having a conversation with a colleague of mine who works with a financial body and the question came up: in Piggybank (now PiggyVest) and CowryWise, which one do you prefer and why?

Well I ranted about alot of their features and at a point he got confused, but here is my honest verdict on which one I prefer, all through this post, you wouldnt see a referral link, so it definitely not for gains, just an honest review from a user of both platforms


Main Reason Why I Use Cowrywise: I get to buy treasury bills there

Main Reason Why I Use PiggyVest: I get to make short and midterm investments with good returns.

If profitability is the main concern, I would give it all to Piggyvest

Piggyvest allows you to invest in agriculture, real estate, transportation with a return from 9-22% within 6 months to 1year (depending on the maturity of the plan)

Meaning if I go for a 6 months plan on piggvest, I can get 9-22% in 6 months (but limited slots are always available)

Cowrywise on the other hand promises a yield of 9-14% per annum on treasury bills, meaning it would take me a whole year to make what I would make x2 of on Piggvest.


If diversification of funds is your main thing. You can always go for both, but for profitability, you can read this up and choose.

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