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$ 9,597.2
$ 9,597.2


You Can Earn Tokens From Viewing Ads On Brave Browser

Yes you read the heading right, you can earn yourself some Basic Attention Tokens, for viewing adverts on the brave browser (Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software Inc. based on the Chromium web browser). Basic Attention Token which Brave would distribute as the reward, is currently values around 10-12cents […]

Providing Power To Nigerians with Solar and Blockchain, OneWattSollar

Hi guys, we caught up with Victor Alagbe of OneWattSolar, to understand what OneWattSolar is trying to do for the power aspect of Nigeria via blockchain and Solar . Can We Meet You (Brief Introduction) We would prefer that this focus more on OneWattSolar than myself.  By the way of introduction, I work with existing and emergent companies to create […]

How Botswana Based Startup, Plaas, Plans to Disrupt the Agricultural Industry in Africa

Botswana-based startup Plaas aims to disrupt the agricultural sector by developing a blockchain-powered platform that will enable farmers to manage their farming operation efficiently. Farming in Many Developing Regions is Highly Inefficient In many developing parts of the world, agriculture is the most critical industry as it provides the nation with nourishment. However, this sector […]

Welcome Binance Uganda

Yes you read it right! Binance Uganda, which would kickoff tomorrow, 17th of October 2018 and it would be the first Local Fiat- Crypto Exchange in Uganda. According to Binance, users can now complete full account verification and are able to start depositing funds in UGX, BTC and ETH starting from 2018/10/17 10:00 AM Uganda […]

Kenyan Government to Use Blockchain in New Affordable Housing Project

Kenyan Gov’t to Use Blockchain in New Affordable Housing Project Kenya’s administration intends to send blockchain innovation to deal with an administration lodging venture of 500,000 units, Kenyan news outlet the Star announced Oct. 15. Inside the moderate lodging program the legislature of Kenya purportedly expects to assemble 500,000 units by 2022, and help supporters […]

Luno Is Giving Out 1Bitcoin In The LunoSaur Challenge

So Luno wallet, one of africa’s leading cryptocurrency wallets, introduced the Lunosaur challenge which subtly trolls most existing financial systems. Luno is giving out 1 bitcoin in this Lunosaur challenge… see more details about it below According to Luno, the existing financial system was built for a non-digital age, ignoring the needs of the modern […]

Top 20 Coingainers 8th-15th of October 2018

  Check out the Top 20 Gainers of Last week, according to CoinmarketCap: # Name Symbol Volume (24h) Price % 7d 1  Moeda Loyalty Points MDA $77,979,563 $2.18 239.39% 2  Vitae VITAE $385,148 $3.31 199.29% 3  ClubCoin CLUB $115,348 $1.67 162.29% 4  Loopring [NEO] LRN $3,813,647 $0.143791 118.87% 5  Project Coin PRJ $422,175 $1.85 113.40% […]